The Independent Workers’ union of Great Britain is a grassroots member-led union fighting for justice for workers.



Who we are

The IWGB was founded in 2012 by Latin American cleaners organising for better working conditions. Since then, we have grown to thousands of members across the country.

From outsourced facilities staff to gig economy workers, IWGB members are key workers on the frontline of the fight against poverty pay and insecure work.

The IWGB organises couriers, cycling instructors, charity workers, yoga teachers, cleaners, security officers, video game workers, nannies, university workers, foster carers, private hire drivers and more.

Low-paid migrant workers started the union and we believe that migrant workers are a vital part of the labour movement. After Brexit, standing up for migrants’ rights is more important than ever.

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What we do

Through strikes, legal action and public pressure, we’re fighting for workers’ rights and decent pay and conditions.

The IWGB is taking on the corporate giants of the gig economy like Deliveroo and Uber. Gig economy companies deny workers basic rights like the minimum wage, health and safety protections and sick pay. In 2020, the IWGB defeated the UK Government in the High Court over health and safety rights for gig economy workers.

We campaign against the exploitative practice of outsourcing, where workers are employed by a third-party company instead of the institution where they actually work. Outsourcing institutionalises inequality and unaccountability. We’re organising to turn the tide at universities across London.

The IWGB Legal Department handles hundreds of cases every year to respond to issues that members are facing. From workplace bullying to illegal deduction of wages, if members are facing injustices at work, then the union has their back. The IWGB has also been at the forefront of strategic litigation challenging bogus self-employment, winning rights and backdated pay for gig economy workers.


How we work

Democracy is central to how we organise. Our campaigns are led by members and we collectively work out our strategies to win. The branches of the union lead on campaigning for better pay and conditions. Find out more about our structure.

Our website is available in English and Spanish. Just use the flags in the top right to switch between languages.

The best way to get involved is to join the union today! You can also make a donation or become a volunteer. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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