Justice for London Bridge Hospital cleaners


Cleaners at London Bridge Hospital are whistleblowing on Covid safety violations and launching a new campaign!

They are demanding that London Bridge Hospital immediately address health and safety concerns, end the culture of bullying and overwork, pay £12.50/hr with the same terms and conditions as directly-employed staff, including proper sick pay.



Throughout the pandemic cleaners have been denied PPE, vaccinations, changing rooms, and forced to clean Covid wards without proper training or cross-contamination protocols. Several workers contracted Covid and were forced to isolate without pay. Many cleaners cannot afford the unpaid sick leave and are forced to work while ill. Meanwhile overwork, harassment and bullying by management has caused severe stress and mental health issues.

The campaign targets their employers, Compass Group and London Bridge Hospital, which is a private hospital owned by the world’s largest healthcare multinational Health Corporation of America (HCA) Healthcare. HCA Healthcare generates tens of billions in profits and also pocketed £190 million from the NHS, which it is now being asked to repay. It's time for HCA Healthcare to pay up for the workers!

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