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IWGB Cycling Instructors Branch

Cycling instructors are vital to improving road safety but for years their conditions have been eroded.

We will not tolerate providers winning contracts by cutting instructor rates. We will not subsidise the provider companies by picking up the bill for mandatory training. We will not allow safety and standards to fall because of cost-cutting.

Cycling instructors do public sector work without public sector employment protections. Every day, parents and learners from all communities are entrusting cycling instructors with the safety of their children and of themselves in some of the most challenging road-scenarios in Europe.

Our demands

• Instructor pay rates are protected from the contract tendering process
• Mandatory training and the time spent on training be paid for by the companies
• The cost of re-certification required because of the review of Bikeability Scheme be paid for by Transport for London, The Bikeability Trust and The Department of Transport or the provider companies
• Recognition of worker status and the accompanying benefits including accrued holiday pay, pension and other rights
• Paid time for all tasks essential to the role, including admin and risk assessments
• Improved pay and conditions recognising 10 years of declining pay
• A renewed commitment to safety and the removal of instructor ratios as a factor in the contract tendering process
• A commitment to develop the role of cycling instructors to include provision in health and social care sector and a road-map to a funding model
• Representation on the board of The Bikeability Trust and other relevant settings
• A stakeholder voice in the development and review of transport developments across London and other cities

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