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Members' code of conduct

IWGB Members must act with respect towards other members, staff, volunteers and reps at all times. This includes in person, over the phone, text, whatsapp and social media. The IWGB expects the highest standards of behaviour from employers across the country, and should lead by example. Members are therefore must not engage in abuse of any kind towards fellow members, reps, volunteers and staff. When using the legal department, members will need to abide by the Legal Department Conduct Policy as well. Members may be subject to disciplinary action by the Union, if it is found that they are in contravention of this policy.

Extract from the Constitution:

Branch members will at all times seek to uphold the values and constitution of the union. As befits an organisation which seeks to promote and enhance the lives of its members and society in general, we expect the highest possible standards of ethical practice to be applied and demonstrated. The union neither tolerates nor condones discriminatory or abusive behaviour among its members or to and from its members to those who are not members. The union reserves the right to discipline under rule any member whose conduct falls below those standards in a way that brings the reputation of the union into disrepute. The union reserves the right to suspend or expel from or refuse admittance to membership any person whose conduct fails to uphold the aims and constitution of the union. Members are subject to the rules of the union as they are adopted from time to time by the National Executive Committee.