STATEMENT: Charity workers condemn LGB Alliance

mié, 21 abr 2021, 12:07

The IWGB Charity Workers Branch committee condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision taken by the Charity Commission, announced on 20th April 2021, to enter the LGB Alliance (LGBA) onto the Register of Charities.

We disagree with the Commission’s reasoning that the LGBA’s purpose does not involve “the denigration of the rights of transgender people”. Within the LGBA’s purpose, as stated by the Charity Commission in their decision, is the exclusion of transgender women from essential support services, achieving this would clearly represent a structural denigration of the rights of transgender people.

Charity status does not just confer tax benefits to an organisation, but is a tacit endorsement of an organisation’s intention to do good by the government. The LGBA has been called a “hate group” by members of the LGBTQ+ community, and many leading LGBTQ+ organisations. It’s co-founder has also worked with the US anti-LGBT Heritage Foundation. As such we condemn the inclusion of the LGBA or groups with similar ends in the Register of Charities.

The Charity Workers Branch stands in solidarity with all LGBTQ+ people and especially transgender and non-binary workers in the UK. We will continue to advocate for and support their rights in their workplaces and across the charity sector as a whole.

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