IWGB General Members Branch

Are you looking to organise with a fighting grassroots union with a track record of winning?

Unions are a way for workers to come together and fight to improve our pay and conditions. The IWGB has a branch structure representing workers in different sectors. If your sector is not one of them, you can now join the General Members Branch!

The General Members Branch is open to workers across sectors who want to start organising. When you join the General Members Branch, we will help you organise your workplace and sector so that you can work towards establishing your own IWGB branch.

You can join immediately and become a member of the union. From the first day of your membership, the IWGB can assist you with workplace issues.

The IWGB is committed to empowering its members, union democracy, and effective campaigning. We know that campaigning is most effective when there are enough active members, a democratic mandate, elected workplace reps, and a strategy to win.

The General Members Branch is for workers who want to start organising. The people best placed to transform their sector are those, like you, already working in it. The union will not be able to do this for you, but we can provide the support and advice for you to start organising at work and change your industry!

To join, head to iwgb.org.uk/join and click 'Other'. Contact us at jamiewoodcock@iwgb.co.uk if you'd like to hear more about the IWGB.

Download the flyer

You can download a recruitment flyer to print off or use online.

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