5 Hertford Street concedes to demands - IWGB suspends strikes pending consultation


11 December 2019

  • Union wins London Living Wage and concessions on sick pay and negotiations
  • Union will proceed with an application for statutory recognition with the Central Arbitration Committee

11 December: The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) has called off strikes planned for today and tomorrow at 5 Hertford Street, as it consults members following an offer from the club.

5 Hertford Street has offered its kitchen porters the London Living Wage from January 2020, 5 days sick pay, and regular quarterly consultations with the union on terms and conditions.

While the IWGB welcomes the introduction of the London Living Wage of £10.75 as a huge improvement to the paltry £8.65 per hour the club was paying prior to the launch of the union’s campaign in May, the offer still falls short of a decent contractual sick pay package and a proper collective bargaining agreement.

Consequently, the union is going forward with an application for statutory union recognition with the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) and looks forward to seeing 5 Hertford Street representatives at the tribunal.

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