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Support Not Deport

The Support Not Deport Coalition is made up of frontline homelessness workers in IWGB, local authority Unison workers, IWW, and Unite Housing Workers Branch.

Rough sleeping has become grounds for ‘removal’ from the UK.

From 1st December 2020, changes to the Immigration Rules have made rough sleeping grounds for refusal or cancellation of permission to stay in the UK. This will render thousands of homeless migrants vulnerable to removal from the UK - simply because they are, or have been, homeless.

For the Home Office to succeed in removing migrants on the basis of ‘rough sleeping’, they will need data and co-operation from the homelessness sector.  There is precedent for such cooperation: reports found that in between 2010 and 2017  homelessness charities including St Mungo’s and Thames Reach collaborated with the Home Office to facilitate the deportation of migrants experiencing homelessness.

We believe that this must never happen again. The Support Not Deport charter asks organisations to commit to taking all necessary steps to safeguard migrants experiencing homelessness from removal or deportation by the Home Office.

Download the Support Not Deport Charter.

We believe that homelessness workers, charities, and council departments should never facilitate, or be made to facilitate, the removal or deportation of destitute migrants by providing data or other forms of cooperation to the Home Office.

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