Permanent sub-committees

Legal Department sub-committee

Current Chair: Catherine Morrissey (Women’s Officer)
Current Secretary/Treasurer: Danny Millum (University of London Branch Secretary)
Other members: Jason Moyer-Lee (General Secretary)
Remit: the sub-committee is in charge of creating policies for the Legal Department as well as approving expenditures of over £100. Expenditures of less than £100 can be approved by Jason Moyer-Lee

Compliance sub-committee

Introduced October 2017
Current Chairs: James Farrar (United Private Hire Drivers branch)
Other members: Jason Moyer-Lee (General Secretary), James Tiplady (Treasurer)
Remit: The compliance sub-committee will have main responsibility for risk and compliance issues, including coordinating with office staff to ensure day-to-day implementation of any policies

AGM sub-committee

Introduced as a permanent sub-committee March 2018
Current Chairs: Henry Chango Lopez (President)
Other members: Jason Moyer-Lee (General Secretary), Mags Dewhurst (Vice-President)
Remit: The administration of the AGM each year