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Contested elections

Contested elections for Executive Committee positions go to a postal ballot of all members. If you are a member of the IWGB, then you will receive a ballot paper to your home address shortly after Wednesday 16 October. To vote, follow the instructions on the ballot paper and then return it by post. The ballot closes at midday on Thursday 5 November. The results will be announced at the AGM on 7 November. If your ballot paper does not arrive, it may be that your address was incorrect on the union's records. Please email [email protected] if you think there is a problem.


Candidates for Vice-President

Catherine Morrissey

I’ve been active in IWGB since 2013, helping this great union grow from a tiny association to an internationally-recognised force for workers’ rights. I’d be honoured to serve as Vice President, supporting all branches as we begin a new chapter in our history!

With this slate, I’ll empower members through:

1. A focus on workplace organising
In my branch, I have seen the power of workers getting organised, setting goals and fighting to win. With ‘back in house’, we forced a victory they said we would never achieve. It’s time to focus this energy and experience to win in more branches and new campaigns.

2. Developing new leaders
It’s fantastic to see so many leaders emerging from all our branches. I began as branch Education Officer, moved up to Secretary, then ran for Women’s Officer of the union as a whole. As VP, I’d use this experience to nurture these new leaders to learn from others, develop their own ideas and grow the next generation of activists in IWGB.

3.  Building capacity in the branches and union
As Chair of the Legal Department Subcommittee and a member of the Executive Committee, I see that branches both want and need to have their own trained reps and organise their own campaigns. I’ll support all branches by rolling out increased training from experienced staff and activists, to build a strong and sustainable union for us all.

Vote Catherine for Vice President! Vote for the #HastaLaVictoriaSlate


Jabed Hussain

I work as a Uber and Deliveroo driver and I'm active on driver safety and rights.


Candidates for Treasurer

Arthur Salisbury

Good afternoon friends, you may remember me from the election in August. I’m now running for re-election as part of #HastaLaVictoria – the slate that wants workplace organising back at the heart of the IWGB.


  1. Move to a more appropriate bank. I would switch bank accounts from the Co-operative to Unity, the bank founded by and tailored to the trade union movement. This would allow us to create one account with sub- accounts for our eleven branches. This ensures the financial autonomy of the branches while giving the central union oversight, making it easier to budget and saving everyone time in compiling the annual accounts.
  2. Provide quarterly reports into the financial health of the union, accessible to all members. There has been some consternation at the loans recently made by branches to the centre; greater transparency in our finances would help allay fears, and oversight by the membership would encourage best practice. The first of these reports will be released after the third quarter review in mid-October.


I have professional and academic experience of treasury work. Between 2018-2020, I was treasurer of the Tottenham Labour Party, back when the Labour Party was any good. I now also have two months at the IWGB under my belt.

I studied Financial Accounting and Reporting at the Open University, and have practical experience of:

  • Compiling and submitting end-of-year accounts
  • Preparing financial reports for internal and external evaluation
  • Setting up bank accounts for political organisations and societies


Jose Miguel Figueroa Conchambay

Me. Jose Miguel Figueroa, who works as a cleaner, now in hospitality. I have never liked the abuse of power. I have always been against those who want to do their will by trampling on others.

I will always say that defending people is a pleasure, the lawyers who are in charge of the cases. We will always get more people. With the funds that IWGB has, we can project that people will continue to come and with that continue to expand around the world.

I consider myself one of the people who has had to defend himself against these people, and thanks to the union they have helped me a lot. The lawyers that have been in charge of my cases have helped me a bunch. And that's why I say I've passed the word on, to other people to sign up. I believe that there will always be more of us.

My proposal is that with more people signing up we can open more offices, and feel happy with ourselves, as well as give more courses and always the people who continue to follow our ideology that will always be to defend those companies, who want to rule without any motif

My idea is to create more offices around the world, to have people in different countries in Spanish and English, to travel to different countries and to be able to continue with this struggle that we have and more. That we have to keep creating more jobs.


Candidates for Universities of London Branch Vice-Chair

Only members of the Universities of London Branch will be balloted in this election.

Abdul Bakhsh

I am a security officer who fought with determination and conviction for his rights against outsourcing companies at University of London for 9 years.

The first campaign organised by IWGB when it was created to support the cleaners of University of London, I was the first security officer to join the cleaners’ campaign called “3 COSAS”.

I motivated and recruited my colleagues to join IWGB union to fight for their rights against the outsourcing companies. During all the campaigns organised, I mobilised, motivated, united and encouraging my colleagues to keep the hope up for our fight which resulted in SUCCESSFUL VICTORY. This is 9 years of experience.



Ezequiel Cunha

Good Morning. I am Ezequiel Cunha. I am a new member of the IWGB from UCL Institute of Education. Before, we suffered a lot because of discrimination, inequality, workload and many more things that were happening in my workplace, but since IWGB got all the information about what was going on, they motivated us to start a campaign to put an end to this whole situation. I was there close to all my colleagues fighting for better conditions and I have learned a lot about the union, about being united.

A few months ago I started to organise some colleagues of mine from another work (Travelodge Hotel), during this time I could understand really in what form I can help people. I understood my real potential and from now on my mission is to help people in need.

And the best way to help somebody is if you are united, if you understand the feelings of others, and as Vice-Chair I will be able to help people more. I have some experience on this because before I worked as well as Vice-Secretary in a union in my country and I know exactly what I can do to improve myself and the IWGB more.

I hope that if I win, I will give all my contributions to IWGB and all my help to Maritza the Chair, because I believe together I can do it.


Godwin Idiaru

I hope this letter/manifesto meet you well as I used this medium to thank you for the privilege given me to apply for the post of a vice – chairman for this renowned IWGB.

As a vice – chairman without doubt I should be working along with my chairperson (Maritza) attending meetings of different sorts, examples; IWGB branch meetings, annual general meetings, conferences and representing the union IWGB.

In the absence of the chairman, I should fill the void confidently and according to the scope of authority bestowed on me as the vice – chairman. I shall be working in conformity of the IWGB principles and guidelines. Whereby I have an opinion or idea as contribution to the wellbeing of the public, workers or IWGB, I shall not hesitate to let the chairman or IWGB aware of any idea or change that I deem fit for the benefit of all concerned but not of individual interest.
As the work or duties of a vice – chairman is of political and not of creed duty, I shall let my opinion, ideas or changes known to the chairperson whom I am accountable to for instructions and order.

My manifesto – principles, motives, intentions and views shouldn’t be personal but for the benefit of all workers and IWGB particularly. I am here to accept the rules of law and order of this organisation and not to disorganize or cause any harm be it minor or major. AS a political office appointment, I believe in dialogue and reaching a resolving solution where possible.



Uncontested elections

Uncontested elections are held at the union's AGM which is on Saturday 7 November. Delegates can vote for or against each candidate.


General Secretary

Henry Chango-Lopez

I have been involved with the IWGB Union since the early stages of its creation, first as an outsourced porter at The University of London, campaigning against injustices and fighting for better conditions at my workplace. I was involved in building our union into new branches, serving as Chair of the UoL branch and then as President of the IWGB. Throughout this I have dedicated my time to make our union bigger, stronger and to create the structures which are currently in place.

1. Focus on workplace organising
As an outsourced worker, I organised my workplace to win huge improvements and job security. I will use my knowledge, experiences, and expertise to expand this across the union, working closely with members, branch officials and staff.

2. Developing new leader
Having gone from being an outsourced worker to the union President, I know how important it is to empower our members. As General Secretary I will provide the tools for members to become active leaders, with training and workshops, working closely with elected officials to ensure that they can achieve their goals.

3. Building capacity in the branches and union
As General Secretary, I will strengthen our structures, working closely with elected officials to create strategies that are suited to the needs of each of the branches. We have won victory after victory and I want to support our members and officials to continue doing the great work we have been doing as an organization.



Alex Marshall

I have been a courier for the last 8 years. During this time, I have seen first-hand the injustice of bogus self-employment. I have helped organise couriers with the IWGB, leading strikes and giving a voice to exploited workers. I am an experienced union member, as Chair of the Couriers and Logistics Branch and of the Executive Committee. If elected as President, I would empower members and branches through:

1. A focus on workplace organising
Through my experience as Branch Chair and workplace rep I know how vital getting organised is for winning. As President, I would use my experience to help members get organised, both in specific workplaces and against platforms like Deliveroo and Uber.

2. Developing New Leaders
From starting out as an isolated courier, I have developed the skills to become President of the IWGB. I have been helped by so many along the way, now my turn to give back what I have learned and nurture new leaders as they step up. I will use my experience to arm all members with the tools they need to stand up to exploitation and become leaders.

3. Building capacity in the branches and union
The Covid-19 pandemic has tested us in many ways, but has also strengthened our organisational skills. As President, I would combine these new organising techniques with past experiences to make sure branches have all the resources they need to efficiently represent our members and keep winning.

Vote Alex for President! Vote for the #HastaLaVictoriaSlate!


Women's Officer

Only delegates who do not identify as men can vote in this election.

Hanna-Beth Scaife

I am currently Women’s Officer for the Couriers and Logistics branch. When I joined IWGB I was new to trade unions, I was incredibly shy and anxious, working in a male-dominated industry and battling to fit union work in around my disability and workplace issues. With help and support from my fellow union members I built my confidence, skills, and abilities. I have publicly challenged issues affecting women and non-binary members, including safe access to toilets and washrooms, as well as the impact of the pandemic on couriers.

1. A focus on workplace organising
If elected I would set in motion a wide-reaching plan that would neutralise gender inequalities within the union and strive to make every workplace a safe environment for women and non-binary members.

2. Developing New Leaders
Building on the experience that my current role in the Union has given me, I want to give something back. I would help and support women and non-binary members with the difficulties they face by nurturing them, creating a space for them to voice their issues and hopefully inspiring them to get involved with union organising and activism.

3. Building capacity in the branches and union
Covid-19 has taught me many new organisational skills, many of which I intend to use to support members, remotely if needed. If elected I will support all branches and union members, to establish safer and fairer working practices for all, regardless of sex/gender.

Vote Hanna-Beth for Women’s Officer! Vote for the #HastaLaVictoriaSlate!


BAME Officers

There are two BAME Officer positions, one of which is reserved for a woman or non-binary member. Only delegates who identify as Black, Asian or minority ethnic can vote in this election.

Edward Wong

I am a cycle courier working in London and I am excited to stand for re-election as BAME officer with this slate. When I entered this role the union was and continues to make efforts to diversify its leadership and I am proud to now hold a position on the most diverse executive committee to date. I very much look forward to working with our Co-BAME officer Emilse to make our most marginalised members heard - we will work together to empower IWGB’s BAME membership in three ways:

1. A focus on workplace organising
We will amplify the voices of our BAME members and upset the coerced silence that is generated by racial oppression in our workplaces – this may only be achieved by organising around an anti-racist standard to which we are all accountable.

2. Developing new leaders
We shall continue to ensure that our practises for developing new leaders are accessible to our BAME members and provide direct support to anybody who wants to run for a leadership position – with a specific focus on minorities operating in a white-dominated industry.

3. Building capacity in the branches and union
If elected I will continue my close work with the branch level BAME officers to develop a network across the union that will platform discussion and debate for BAME members. It is my project to unite radical voices and start a momentum that is capable of engineering change.

Vote Ed for BAME Officer! Vote for the #HastaLaVictoriaSlate!


Emilse Ocampo Medina

I am a Latin American cleaner and a proud member of IWGB. I have extensive experience as an organiser and workers’ representative. I am excited at the opportunity to work with Ed Wong to further the rights of all our BAME members. In the Co-BAME role, I will particularly stand up for Latin Americans (the majority of our BAME members) and women and non-binary members. If elected, I will fight for:

1. A focus on workplace organising
I organised my cleaning colleagues at Birkbeck University to defeat outsourcing through a unified campaign. I will use these skills and experiences to help others like me end the discriminatory exploitation of BAME workers.

2. Developing new leaders
There is a huge untapped potential of natural leaders and organisers in the BAME community, but because of language difficulties and structural barriers we have to work twice as hard to break through. IWGB has done great work in challenging this, and I will go further to find future leaders among our diverse membership and support them.

3. Building capacity in the branches and union
The first step to developing leaders is developing organisers and activists. Organising my colleagues showed me how quickly our confidence can grow if we are given responsibility and the tools to fight. With Ed, I will roll out a programme of training and recruitment of activists so that branches can run their own campaigns and workers are empowered to represent themselves.


Branch Support Officer

Jamie Woodcock

I am running to be the new Branch Support Officer with the #HastaLaVictoria slate. I was the secretary of the University of London branch and have developed cross-branch experience, including helping to set up the Game Workers Branch and supporting UPHD. I chaired the Covid-19 Subcommittee, responding to the pandemic and updating members with weekly Zoom calls. As chair of the New Branch and AGM Subcommittee I helped start the new Holding Branch. If elected, I will use this role to build the power of our members in three areas:

1. A focus on workplace organising
We win campaigns when we organise at work. Through the holding branch, I have helped workers in new sectors get organised. We have shown that there are no “unorganisable” workers, only “yet to get organised.” If elected, I will use this experience to support members across the union to lead new campaigns.

2. Developing new leaders
Throughout the union new leaders are stepping forward. I will support, train, and develop leaders at all levels. This means developing the skills and confidence of all our members to take action. We need to share our experiences of new struggles and campaigns, making them central to the union.

3. Building capacity in the branches and union
We have faced many challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, but we have found new ways to organise together. I will support branches to build their collective power and keep winning for our members.

Vote Jamie for Branch Support Officer! Vote for the #HastaLaVictoriaSlate!