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Scrap the congestion charge


We are looking for justice against the unfair treatment of private hire drivers in London that is damaging our livelihoods and driving us into poverty.

In April 2019, Transport for London removed private hire vehicles' exemption from paying the congestion charge and in July 2020 it was increased to £15 per day, costing some drivers 30% of our take home pay. Taxis (black cabs) are still exempt from the charge. Over 70% of private hire drivers are from designated 'deprived' communities and 94% of drivers are BAME. This is a tax on the poor.

The IWGB argued in the High Court that the congestion charge is racist. The judge agreed that the impact of the charge was "stark" and "troubling" but would not rule it unlawful. We will continue to protest and call for change.

We want an end to the discriminatory congestion charge on private hire drivers and to unfair treatment by unscrupulous operators who do not pay us fairly and will not respect our basic rights, as well as a number of other issues.


Our demands on Transport for London

  1. Restore the exemption for private hire drivers from paying the discriminatory congestion charge.
  2. Support drivers to enforce our basic rights and make worker rights a condition of operator licensing in London.
  3. Cap the number of driver licenses in London to end oversupply.
  4. Introduce measures to improve safety and security for drivers in London.
  5. Recognise and work with representative bodies for drivers, such as the IWGB trade union, to ensure better regulation and that drivers' voices are heard.


Take action

  • Follow the IWGB United Private Hire Drivers on Twitter and Facebook for campaign updates.
  • Next time you take an Uber, tell your driver about the union.
  • If you work as a private hire driver, join today!


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