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IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch

We are a union organised for couriers and by couriers. We protect our own interests by standing together to win fair working conditions and higher rates that are long overdue in the industry. We will not stop actively campaigning until we achieve our aims.

Since it started in 2015, the IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch has:

  • Built a network of couriers throughout the UK who push for better conditions and support each other.
  • Won campaigns for pay rises and 'worker status' (getting couriers rights like holiday pay and pensions).
  • Overturned terminations and suspensions.
  • Provided legal support to members and taken companies to court.

Being in the union is not just about pay rises, it is also about being part of a community of hundreds of other couriers and addressing problems that we all face together.

Union members are supported by other members, branch caseworkers, and the union legal department. The union contains a wealth of experience and skills that you can draw on to support your campaigns, and to address problems you face at work.

There are lots of ways we can address issues in the courier industry - by taking collective action like boycotts and strikes, by pursuing legal cases, or by using the union's connections with the press and MPs to put pressure on companies.

Become a member today and get involved in changing the courier industry for the better! You can find some useful resources at the bottom of this page.


Stay up to date

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to find out what we're doing and support our campaigns!

Twitter: @IWGB_CLB

Facebook: IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch


Get in touch

You can get in touch with the IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch by emailing [email protected] If you would like to speak to a specific committee member, just ask.

Branch coordinator: 07565 683705
Deliveroo caseworker: 07716 416910



Chair: Greg Howard - [email protected]
Vice-Chair: Wave Roberts - [email protected]
Secretary: Ethan Bradley
Assistant Secretary: Timothy Howland - [email protected]
Treasurer: Mario Gbobo - [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer: Archie Mellor - [email protected]
Comms Officer: Martin Le Brech - [email protected]
Welfare: Mark Brown - [email protected]
Assistant Welfare: Rob Howat
Accreditation: James Tiplady - [email protected]
Education: Anthony Doherty - [email protected]
Recruitment & Organiser: Jack Rhodes Bernays - [email protected]
Women & Non-Binary Officer: Kenya Scarlett - [email protected]
Latin-American Members' Officer: Anderson Oliveira da Silva - [email protected]
BAME Officer: Ibraheem Masood - [email protected]
LGBTQ+ Officer: Andrew Boxer - [email protected]
Disabilities: Ian Morrisson
Co Disabilities: Fran Scaife


Local networks

There are local couriers networks all over Britain.


The IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch have set up a Strike Hardship Fund and support our members that can least afford to take action.

The courier industry is notorious for companies denying basic rights such as holiday pay and a guaranteed minimum wage through mis-classifying workers as 'independent contractors'.

Many of our members are on low, insecure pay. The financial burden of taking time off work can sometimes prevent someone from being able to go on strike. By giving people the opportunity to apply to our Strike Hardship Fund we hope to stop this from happening.

We are a grassroots, member-led union, currently punching well above our weight by taking on rogue courier firms, multi-million pound companies, and tech giants like Deliveroo. Your donation will allow our most financially insecure members to take part in our actions and exercise their right to peaceful protest.

You can find the policy on accessing the Strike Hardship Fund here.



Read the branch Constitution (updated March 2021).

Download and print out recruitment flyer in five different languages:

Know your rights (from our campaign at The Doctors Laboratory):