Foster a Brighter Future

Foster care workers in the UK have traditionally been denied all employment rights. Previous decisions from as high up as the Court of Appeal have held that they don’t even have contracts, even though they sign agreements with local authorities or private agencies which spell out what they do, how they have to do it, the supervision to which they are subjected, and often how much they are paid. The IWGB is fighting establish workers’ rights for foster care workers by bringing a slew of new test cases to buck the old and decaying case law. We have already won one case, against Glasgow City Council, establishing two foster care workers there as employees. In addition to bringing test cases, the IWGB is also trying to get legislation passed to establish workers’ rights, the first step in that process being engaging with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Foster Care Workers’ Rights, the secretariat of which is run by the IWGB. Finally, the IWGB is aiming to establish central registers for foster care workers in the various UK nations whereby the responsibility for training, registration and de-registration of foster care workers would be taken out of the hands of the employers and placed in the hands of a nationally accredited body. This would standardize procedures and dramatically reduce the amount of unfair allegations which currently characterise the industry.