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About us

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is a new and dynamic union which represents mainly low-paid migrant workers, such as outsourced cleaners and security guards, workers in the so-called “gig economy”, such as bicycle couriers and Uber drivers, and foster care workers. The IWGB specialises in representing sections of the workforce which have traditionally been non-unionised and under-represented.

Founded in August of 2012, the IWGB now consists of eleven branches. The branches are highly autonomous and lead on campaigning for better pay and conditions. IWGB campaigns are known for being bold, vibrant, loud and effective. From salsa dancing on the picket lines at the University of London to flash occupations of the Tate Modern, public pressure campaigns are the main method used to improve our members’ working lives.

In addition to campaign the IWGB’s Legal Department is also highly active, providing representation on a range of employment matters such as disciplinary processes, grievances, private hire licensing, and employment tribunals. The union’s legal department has also been at the forefront of test case litigation establishing private hire drivers and couriers as limb (b) workers, entitling them to a range of employment rights denied to them by their employers. You can view the Legal Department's constitution and policies here.

In addition to case work and campaigns the IWGB organizes social events for members, Spanish and English classes, and holds regular meetings where members can engage and feed into policy. We are a democratic organisation with all officials being regularly elected.