Join us

It’s easy to join the IWGB – just email or write to:

Dr. Jason Moyer-Lee
General Secretary,
Independent Workers Union of Great Britain,
12-20 Baron Street
London, N1 9LL

Membership fees are set democratically within each branch, which means members decide how much they pay.

50% of membership fees are retained by the branch and it’s up to the members how that money is spent, i.e. to run a campaign, for a strike fund, or for hosting a community social event. The other 50% is allocated for Central union costs such as salaries, office rent and printing facilities.


Branch fees (monthly)

  • Cleaners and Facilities Branch – £4 or £8 – part/full time
  • Couriers and Logistics Branch – £6
  • University of London Branch – £8
  • Security Guards Branch – £9


One thought on “Join us

  1. As a local authority foster carer for 5 years who is facing an arbitrary reduction in payment when the council’s new Payment for Skills Scheme comes into force this year I was most gladdened to read about the formation of a union for foster carers on the BBC Education site.

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