Our President Henry Chango Lopez has written to Ernst and Young – see below:

Dear Paul

I am writing you on this occasion with regard to the letters (attached) which you have recently been sending to our members.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your kind efforts in helping these workers with their culture barriers by translating documents for them in their language. In fact, given that you seem very keen in assisting them with this issue, we are looking forward to seeing their contracts of employment being translated in their language as well.

In addition, while it is understandable that ISS and Ernst & Young are desperate because workers have decided to unionise in order to fight back against your proposed and unnecessary job cuts, I would like to give you a few tips for the next time you send this kind of letters to try to intimidate, divide and dissuade our members from taking action and to remain silent while you further exploit them by cutting their jobs.

With regard to your suggestion to workers telling them to join your sweetheart union, I would say that workers are not fools to believe in the words of someone who has just given them a slap in the face, by telling them that they may lose their jobs, and then at the same time tries to pretend to be their savior.

Finally, as you must have seen by our recent actions, workers are not buying your deceptive messages, but rather are very angry and will keep campaigning until you and your client stop the planned job cuts.

I leave here some of the press coverage in case you have not seen it yet:








See you at next week’s  big demonstration outside E&Y premises and on the upcoming strikes.

Kind regards

Henry Chango Lopez

IWGB President