Tomorrow, 8 March, is International Women’s Day. Women all over the world will take part in strikes and protests to be recognised for the work they do both at work and at home. IWGB will be taking part!

As well as going to protests and strikes, wear red tomorrow to show your support for IWD. Other ideas for how you can take part are in the leaflets below, in English, Spanish and Polish.

Please support IWD! Many events are taking place in London:

The IWGB Women’s Officer will be speaking at the UCL Women’s Network event in solidarity with the UCU pensions strikes, at IoE on Bedford way. Please come if you can!

IWGB members of all genders, from all branches, are warmly invited to the IWD women’s strike rally in Russell Square at 13.00.
FREE Childcare & food will be available from 12.30 to enable people to take part.
Members working in HE can legally strike from work over the pensions dispute and join IWD events; if you’re not on strike that day, come during your lunch break to show your support!

IWGB members will gather on the corner of Russell Square opposite Stewart House at 12.45 to go to the main rally.

IWGB members are invited to join the strikers at Picturehouse Central (corner of Great Windmill St and Shaftesbury Avenue) who have been striking for 17 months, for demands including a Living Wage, sick pay, and company maternity and paternity pay.

The evening IWD rally will be at 19.00 on Dean Street in Soho. Please go if you can!

We all recognise that it may be difficult or impossible for a lot of women to strike, which shows how much responsibility women are carrying in our society. Participation in any form is welcomed! Read IWGB’s official statement on the women’s strike:
“IWGB fully endorses the IWS call for action on 8th March. To any woman of any kind who takes part in any way: we support you and stand in solidarity with you. This movement is crucial, and this year feels like a turning point: being the centenary of women winning the vote in the UK, through struggle and resistance. And the #MeToo campaign has put the spotlight on a lot of the difficulties that women face in the world of work. We in IWGB see such issues, as well as systemic low pay and discrimination, in the workplaces of our members. We see women and their work overlooked, undervalued and unheard, and do what we can to help women take back dignity and respect. We support women in their fight for equality and justice. The international women’s strike movement gives women the confidence and consciousness to start to demand more for the labour they contribute in every way. Solidarity with IWS from IWGB!”

More information about women’s day events is at:  and a full programme of events is below – thanks to the Women’s Strike Assembly UK, who have organised the main rallies and put together this information! #westrike