• Follows victories against four other courier companies

  • The case is scheduled to run from 24 to 31 July
  • Addison Lee cut its rates last week from GBP 3.75 to GBP 3.50 per delivery.

21 July: A courier will challenge Addison Lee next week at the London Central Employment Tribunal over his employment status and unpaid holiday pay, following a spate of victories by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) on similar grounds against different courier companies.

The IWGB, the leading trade union for workers in the so-called “gig economy”, will argue that Addison Lee was unlawfully classifying courier and union member Christopher Gascoigne as an independent contractor, instead of a worker, thus denying him holiday pay. The case is scheduled to run from24 to 31 July.

Besides holiday pay, workers have the right to the national minimum wage and protection against discrimination, among other things. Employees have additional rights, including sick pay and protection against unfair dismissal.

This case is evermore poignant given that Addison Lee cut their rates unilaterally last week, by 25 pence per job,” says IWGB Vice President and winning claimant in the landmark “gig economy” case Dewhurst v CitySprint, Mags Dewhurst. “ Christopher Gascoigne has worked for Addison Lee for over 8 years, so justice is long overdue.”

Addison Lee’s courier rates were cut from GBP 3.75 to GBP 3.50 per delivery.

The IWGB has so far won two employment status cases – one against CitySprint and another against Excel – while two other companies – eCourier and The Doctors’ Laboratory(TDL) – voluntarily admitted prior to start of their tribunals that they had unlawfully classified their couriers as independent contractors instead of workers.

In the case of TDL the IWGB has not dropped its claim and demands that the Central Employment Tribunal go further and determine that five couriers are in fact employees. The case will be heard between 13 and 16 November 2017.

The IWGB also awaits a decision by the Central Arbitration Committee over the employment status and union recognition case it brought against food delivery company Deliveroo.

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