• IWGB demands Cordant and the university engage in meaningful negotiations, implement the pay rise promised six years ago and put and end to disguised zero-hours contracts.

  • Union is investigating legality of strikebreaking tactics implemented, including the use of unlicensed and untrained workers on zero-hours contracts.

  • Picket to coincide with event honouring T.S. Eliot that will be attended by Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons.

4 MAY: The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) announces a second round of strikes of security officers working at the University of London central administration buildings for 16 and 17 May.

The vast majority of security officers working at the central administration buildings already went on strike between 25 and 26 April, demanding the university and contractor Cordant Services put an end to disguised zero hours contracts, implement the 25% pay rise promised six years ago and give their workers itemised pay slips.

The picket will take place at the Russell Square entrance of Senate House from 9am to 7pm on 16 May and 7am to 1pm on 17 May. The strike will coincide with an event honouring T.S. Eliot taking place on the 16th at Senate House, which will be attended by Academy Award winning actor Jeremy Irons.

Cordant and the university have so far failed to come to the negotiating table or offer the security officers any kind of solution. Instead, the IWGB has evidence that in a desperate attempt to break last week’s strike, the company and the university brought in unlicensed security officers on zero-hours contracts to cover for the striking workers.

The union is investigating what legal avenues to pursue in response to the use of unlicensed and untrained security officers that potentially put the safety of students and workers at risk.

The use of disguised zero-hours contracts by the University and Cordant was recently revealed in a Huffington Post investigation that concluded that these “contracts enable employers to demand staff to be at their “beck and call” – and potentially ask them to travel hundreds of miles for shifts”, and “carry many of the same problems and potential abuses” as zero hours contracts.

A Liberal Democrat spokesperson said the report was deeply concerning”.

The contracts used by Cordant guarantee less than one hour of work per calendar day.

The desperate actions taken by Cordant and the University to try and break the strike have only resulted in a growing resolve among the security officers to keep on fighting to secure the pay rise they were promised, and to put an end to draconian contracts used by the company,” said IWGB University of London Branch Secretary Danny Millum. “The union and its members will continue taking industrial action until a serious offer is tabled.”

A crowdfund has been set up to raise funds for the striking security officers, who are sacrificing their salary during the industrial action.

The latest news and updates on the strike can be followed on this facebook page.

For more information:

Dr. Jason Moyer-Lee

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