Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

Massive turnout in Brighton May Day carnival protest in support of Deliveroo riders and other precarious workers


Over a hundred people marched through the streets of Brighton in support of precarious workers – including Deliveroo riders – and demanding an improvement in their working conditions.

The march was called by the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), the Supermarket Anti-Work Brigade Precarious Workers Brighton, Brighton University Alternative Students Union, Solfed, Brighton Plan C, and Sussex Uni Cut the Rent

Labour candidate Brighton Kemptown Lloyd Russell-Moyle attended the march and expressed his support for the IWGB’s campaign demanding better pay for Deliveroo riders.

The IWGB is demanding the company guarantee the real living wage plus costs and an increase in the drop rate from £4 to £5.

It was great to see the young unions of Brighton come together and march in solidarity with each other,” said IWGB Brighton representative and Deliveroo rider Guy McClenahan “In each march we are getting more people behind our campaign, so it is clear that the public feeling in support of Deliveroo riders is strong in Brighton. Deliveroo better watch out!”

A new website to support the Delvieroo riders’ campaign has been set up and can be found on