Route to Your Rights is a project to find out about the issues that affect migrants when they first arrive in the UK, what kinds of problems people experience and what kind of strategies are used to avoid and overcome these problems.  We are interviewing people in London, Coventry and Manchester to see what the differences are between people’s experiences in these places.  The project is run by Migrants’ Rights Network, an NGO campaigning for the rights of all migrants in the UK, regardless of immigration status.

We are looking to speak to migrants and migrant workers who have been in the UK for at least 3 years.

You will be asked some broad questions about your experiences of housing, employment and immigration legal advice.  We are interested in hearing about good and bad experiences that you have had, and what changes you think are needed.

Everything that you tell us as part of the research will be kept anonymous.  We will not ask you to name your landlord or your employer, and we will not ask to see your ID

You will receive a £10 voucher for participating.

We will use answers from the interviews to see how organisations can work together to provide better support for migrant workers, and to create a resource that migrant community organisations can use to campaign for change from the council and from the government.  To do this work, it is important that we can speak to lots of different people who have different experiences.

Would you like to take part?  Please contact Gracie Bradley: /  020 7336 9415, or Shadin (Spanish speaker):