jmcd_fcwMany thanks to all the attendees at this morning’s packed open meeting for foster carers in Parliament! There was so much energy in the room and so little time to get through all the talking points!

The meeting was organised to cover just a few key objectives: 1. to decide what the commonly regarded challenges are facing the fostering community, 2. to take a vote on whether to unionise, and 3. to elect a group of representatives to carry further plans forward.

The result of the vote was a resounding YES! to unionise with the IWGB. From among the attendees a group of foster carers then stepped forward as delegates to meet again within a month and get the newly formed Foster Care Workers’ Branch up and running.

The media interest, especially from the BBC and the Guardian has been compounding since the result of the vote, so stay tuned for their coverage, which should be out very soon.

Further actions include a followup with supporting barristers to put together a possible test-case to improve working rights, and a followup with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP about putting together a cross-party parliamentary group to lobby for a change in legislation. Most importantly, recruitment efforts to swell the membership will now get under way. You can print membership forms yourself by downloading the attached PDF document. We ask again that everyone pitch in to help recruit by circulating information and membership forms, which can be filled out and posted to the new Union office address.*

But now, take a moment to celebrate this monumental step forward in the fight for respect, fair renumeration and proper working rights for foster carers. It’s a struggle in which foster carers are now united rather than divided, supported by legal as well as political leverage, and guided by the campaigning formula of the IWGB that has been so successful to date.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have queries or comments – it is as easy as clicking “Reply” to this email. Also watch for further email updates in the weeks to come about the delegates meeting, the development of the Foster Care Workers’ Branch, as well as further material from today’s meeting.

Congratulations, and best wishes,

Jon Katona
Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain

*Please note, we have moved from our previous address at 80 Lambs Conduit Street. Our new office address is:

12-20 Baron Street
N1 9LL

Please direct filled-out membership forms and all other correspondence to this new address.

Click here to download: Membership Form PDF