9th October 2015Gophr

On Wednesday 16th September, Gophr became the first courier company in the UK to guarantee riders the London Living Wage plus reasonable costs, in response to the on-going campaign by the Independent Worker’s Union of Great Britain (IWGB) to abolish poverty wages in the industry.

Gophr signed the IWGB’s ethical practice charter, pledging to pay it workers £11.10 per hour, factoring in costs such as bicycle maintenance and sick pay, on top of the London Living Wage. The commitment won bipartisan support, from Green Party Mayoral candidate Sian Berry and the current London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Maggie, a campaigner at the Couriers and Logistics Branch of the IWGB, stated:

“This agreement sets a unique precedent in the industry. It demonstrates that it is possible to pay couriers fair wages for the work they do and that the industry need not be based on exploitative, piecemeal pay. This is a new standard and we are hopeful that other companies follow suit.”

The move comes amid the IWGB’s on-going campaign against City Sprint, the UK’s leading same day dispatch company, that was launched earlier this year. The union are attempting to secure couriers fairer wages after the company have neglected to raise their rates of pay for over 15 years, leaving their couriers earning as little as £2.50 per delivery.

The IWGB are currently in talks with other courier companies , who are looking to become a Living Wage accredited organisations, and sign the ethical practice charter.

Sian Berry, Green Party candidate for London Mayor, stated:

“This is great news and congratulations to both Gophr and its workforce, and to the campaigning by the IWGB union that put the living wage on the agenda of the courier industry.

This important step now needs to be followed by more… campaigning and more courier companies following their lead. We have a long way to go, and many other industries to change, including care, hospitality, and many public services before we can call London a real Living Wage city.”

To learn more about the campaign and the commitment, contact:

Jason Moyer-Lee, President of the IWGB: jasonmoyer-lee@iwgb.org.uk, 02072428044

Couriers and Logistics branch email: clb@iwgb.org.uk

Couriers and Logistics branch phone: 07957934250

Twitter: @IWGB_CLB

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/couriers.andlogisticsbranch