Nancy Legal Dept Photo12th August 2015

The Independent Workers’ of Great Britain (IWGB) announced on Tuesday 14th July that Nancy Mukoro, formerly a Senior Caseworker at the union, would be the organisation’s first Legal Department Coordinator.

Nancy Mukoro, who has an extensive background in social welfare law and has been working at the organisation for nine months. The role is a continuation of her work as a Senior Caseworker, drawing on years of experience in the legal and advisory field, in order to manage an ever growing number of Caseworkers for the IWGB.

The Legal Department, based at the IWGB headquarters in Central London, was created earlier this month in order to cope with the increased legal demands of the rapidly expanding union. Following the overwhelming success of the University of London 3 Cosas campaign, the union formed two new branches and has subsequently been facing an unprecedented rise in casework.

The Legal Department at the IWGB deals with a number of issues pertaining to unfair dismissal, wage disputes, holiday pay, sick pay and excessive working hours, among others.   For many who are represented by the union, the legal support provided is not only a source of protection, but of security. Marta, a cleaner at Cofely and ECSS and a member of the union for the past two years, said: “the [legal] support is really efficient, I feel so much more secure in the workplace”.

When asked to comment on her new role, Nancy stated: “Joining the IWGB in the role of the Legal Department Coordinator is both an honour and a privilege and not least a challenge. My vision for the legal department is to provide legal advice and representation of the highest quality to our members, and for the IWGB to further improve its reputation as a union that can support workers professionally and compassionately with any workplace issues.”

If you have a problem and want to use the legal department, please call: 0207-242-8044. You will be assigned a volunteer Caseworker, with a minimum of an undergraduate degree in law, who will take all your information and documents and will represent you in your case. These caseworkers operate under the supervision of Nancy.

The legal department is located at the IWGB headquarters, 80 Lambs Conduit Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 3LZ and is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Contact the IWGB by email:

Telephone: 0207-242-8044

Twitter: @IWGBUoL