burberry6th – 7th February
121 Regent Street
London, W1 4TB

One of the London’s most iconic luxury fashion brands will be facing a 48 hour strike accompanied with loud demonstrations outside of their Flagship Regent Street Store

The Independent Workers of Great Britain, the cleaners’ union have organised the strike and protests due to Burberry’s failure to pay their workers with the current London Living Wage of £9.15 per hour and provide adequate working conditions for its staff. The union is developing a reputation for noisy and colourful demonstrations, last December, John Lewis called the police to arrest demonstrators during a Living Wage protest.

The cleaning staff at Burberry have complained that they are forced to work extra hours without compensation when the staffing levels fall short due to illness, and that in a time of financial stress, they are instructed to pay for their uniform out of their own pocket rather than it being provided by the contractor, ISS.

“Burberry has underpaid, understaffed, overworked and intimidated us. Our cleaning equipment is in very bad condition, and we suffer bullying from management on a regular basis. We know Burberry is used to dealing with the very rich but as long as it has very poor workers, it needs to provide fair wages so that I can support my family.” – Matthew, a Burberry cleaner

“Burberry serve some of the richest people in the country, while relying on paying poverty wages and substandard conditions. Our members work consistently hard and tried negotiate but the company won’t listen. All we are asking for is basic and decent conditions, a wage that is enough to live on, uniform provision and sickness pay” – Alberto Durango, General Secretary of IWGB.