South-West-EnglandThe South West Branch, IWGB (SW), is a trade union that is run by its members supported by competent, professional and knowledgeable representatives.

Training courses with on-going professional support are available to any member who wishes to consider taking on the role of a union rep. Founding members come from all backgrounds and workplaces.

Membership includes support staff  in hospitals and schools, local authority staff, professional and technical NHS staff, teachers, rail industry workers and retail shop staff. Many are victims of bullying and harassment. Some are victims of race discrimination.

In addition to representing members in workplace meetings the new branch takes a pivotal role, in cooperation and partnership with other agencies in challenging unfairness and discrimination, educating and training in diversity and equalites and providing wrap-around casework support and advice to victims.

We hold no political party affiliations. We have no recognition agreements with any employer. We are, what it says on the tin, an independent trade union, representing and organising, challenging and changing, empowering those abandoned and betrayed.

Will You Join Us?

Membership costs £7 per month for full-time workers and £3.50 per month for part-time workers.  Branch meetings are held on the First Friday of each month.

Download membership form here.