johnlewisThe IWGB campaign for justice at John Lewis continues, and we now have the support of John Lewis and Waitrose customers, whose letter to the company we reproduce below:

Dear Sir Charlie

As regular customers at John Lewis and Waitrose, we have come to expect not only a fantastic range of products and excellent customer service, but also consistently spotless shop floors.

Your cleaners clearly work hard to maintain this crucial level of hygiene and cleanliness in all your shops, and so we are very disappointed that they receive less than the Living Wage and London Living Wage. This seems particularly unfair given recent reports of your excellent profit levels.

For many customers, one of your company’s greatest strengths is its employee ownership business model. It tells us that you are committed to treating your employees fairly and rewarding their hard work appropriately.
Cleaning staff perform a vital role, and your attitude to them is in stark contrast.

You have hopefully already received a letter from a group of our family and friends regarding this issue.

Over the years we have turned to John Lewis and Waitrose for everything from mattresses to Mp3 players; a number of us have also chosen John Lewis for our wedding lists.

As the leading retailer in the UK, we call on you to lead by example and ensure your cleaners are paid a fair wage.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely

Chloe Lambert
Martin Dale
Leah Kreitzman
Flora Alexander
Frances Green
Michael Spencer
Felipe Hawkins
Tim Meaden
Rosalind Stewart
Marie-Madeleine Hadley
Chloe Sinclair
Vicky Jackson
Amy Marsden
Jeananne Ennett
Andy Black
Sophie Powell-White
Maz Davies
George Ruscoe
Kat Saunt
Felix Scott
Sophy Wallace
Jamie Gallie
Linda Sjogren
Stephanie Gore
Trent Payne
Josephine Rawstorne
Dan Cheesbrough
Emily Wingate
Saeed Assou
Fionna Martin
Dermot Bryers
Ruth Townsend
Cerys Baxter
Rachel Bell
Emma D’Cruz
Michael Brogan
Ruth Hawthorne
Hannah Hawthorne
Jake Hawthorn
Hannah Duncan
Felix Light
Thomasina Light
Paul Monaghan
Marta Perez
Meg Jackson
Nicola Jones
Katharina Moser
Nina Watson
Stephan Dale
David Meaden
Rosaleen Meaden
Jane Bruccoleri-Aitchison
Russ Lloyd
Amelia Rule
Melissa Taylor
Tamara Colchester