iwgbmainDear brothers and sisters,

The Independent Workers Union (IWGB) is issuing this urgent call for financial solidarity.

Originating in the Justice for Cleaners campaign, the IWGB has been organising, cleaners, porters, kitchen workers, security guards and other low paid, mainly migrant outsourced workers.

In the most difficult circumstances IWGB has secured major achievements in several high profile campaigns, at John Lewis, Barbican Centre, University of London and the Royal Opera House.   Despite recession IWGB has been successful in stopping job cuts and winning the London Living Wage, sick pay, increased holidays and pensions for many of our members.

The employers have vast resources and finances at their disposal.  IWGB is a voluntary association of workers; we have been organising and campaigning on a shoestring.  With our achievements the demand of other workers to organise has also grown.  So too has the demands on our extremely limited resources.

The solidarity of our members and the labour movement has helped us improve the conditions and quality of life of many impoverished workers, with greater resources we believe we can achieve more.  To assist us we are appealing for financial solidarity.

We urgently require additional funds to assist our organising work.  There are three ways to donate:


Made out to the ‘Independent Workers Union of Great Britain’ sent to IWGB Maritime House, Clapham Common, London SW4 0JW


The Co-operative Bank Plc

Sort code: 059299

Account number: 65564112

International Transfer

International Account number: GB51 CPBK 0892 65564 112

Bank Identification Code:  CPBK GB22