IWGB brings landmark case to extend rights of workers in the ‘gig economy’

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The Gig is Up

Workers in the so-called “gig economy” from Uber drivers to Deliveroo couriers are having their minimum wage, holiday pay and other employment rights systematically denied by being bogusly classified as independent contractors.

The IWGB is fighting and winning their rights as workers through campaigns and strategic legal action.

The Gig is up

Justice for Outsourced Workers

Outsourced cleaners, receptionists and security officers suffer from worse pay, terms and conditions than directly employed staff. These workers, who tend to be predominantly migrants, are also more likely to suffer from discrimination and bullying. The IWGB fights to right these wrongs, and where possible, to end outsourcing so that these workers can work directly for the client organisation.

Electrical workers also face insecurity, with agencies giving companies a veil that they can hide behind, avoid responsibility and drive down conditions. Workers face no notice for jobs ending, pay payroll companies just to receive their wages and the trade is being de-skilled. The IWGB wants fair wages, to tackle agencies and an end to unqalified workers on sites

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Foster a brighter future

Foster care workers in the UK have traditionally been denied all employment rights, from minimum wage to holiday pay and whistle-blowing protection. Consequently they have faced years of bullying and harassment on the part of their employers.

The IWGB is fighting in the courts and in Parliament to establish the employment rights of foster care workers and ensure a brighter future for all those in this vital profession.

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