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Our members will play a vital role limiting coronavirus spread. As always, we'll be fighting for them.

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Landmark legal victory opens door to worker rights for UK foster carers

2 weeks ago
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the IWGB.
We’re a new and dynamic independent trade union. From our roots representing migrant workers, we’ve evolved to taking on the bosses of the so-called gig economy and government regulators, representing under-unionised and under-represented workforces.
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Our Covid-19
The union’s members, which include cleaners, private hire drivers, couriers, charity and foster care workers will play a vital role limiting coronavirus spread and providing for the most vulnerable.
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Putting workers first

Organise for change

Join the IWGB and campaign for long-lasting change in your workplace. The union creates real collective power among workers to ensure that their employers are held to account.

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Workplace protection

IWGB reps and the Legal Department will make sure you are protected at work. Our team handles all kinds of cases, from workplace bullying to illegal deduction of wages.

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Legal challenges

We push flagship employment law cases, challenging denial of workers’ rights in the so-called ‘gig economy’ and across other sectors.

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Getting in touch during the pandemic

Our offices are now closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For details on how to contact us during this time, please see our Covid-19 support and advice page, or use the form here.

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