Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB) is a worker-run union organising the unorganised, the abandoned and the betrayed.

Statement to members – July 2012 to December 2013

Every year, the Union is required to give a financial statement to its members under the ‘Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. Please click on the links to … Continue reading

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IWGB forms new Security Guards branch

BREAKING NEWS! The IWGB is forming a new branch, for security guards in London. If you work as a security guard or know someone who does and wants to join, … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: IWGB activist reinstated by Mitie at the Royal Opera House

In July Mitie sacked a key IWGB activist at the Royal Opera House for showing the entrance to an IWGB official who had come to represent a worker. After protests, … Continue reading

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FRIDAY: SERCO Workers’ protest to end the “Work until you drop” culture at Deloitte

On Friday 12th September, Deloitte, the biggest professional services company in the world[1], is facing a wave of angry demonstrations outside one of their offices in Central London.   The … Continue reading

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Protest against Serco – 12 September 2014

The IWGB will be holding a demonstration against the cleaning company Serco, who have been discriminating against workers on their Deloitte contract who have taken part ion legitimate protests. Please support … Continue reading

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The Royal Opera House workers ballot for strike action!

The Royal Opera House workers working for MITIE are in the process of voting to strike against the cutting of annual leave, for the reinstatement of Viviam Quisbert (fired for union … Continue reading

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Serco lawyers threaten legal action against the IWGB

SERCO lawyers have sent the IWGB a letter threatening us if we continue the campaign for justice in DELOITTE. This shows that they are scared! Our answer is unequivocal! We … Continue reading

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New IWGB branch in the South West announced!

The South West Branch, IWGB (SW), is a trade union that is run by its members supported by competent, professional and knowledgeable representatives. Training courses with on-going professional support are available to any member who wishes to … Continue reading

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Deloitte: Respect Your Workers

Following last Friday’s protest against Serco, the cleaning company employed at Deloitte HQ, two workers have been suspended on the grounds of causing criminal damage. The protest was against job … Continue reading

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